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GUESTBOOK Please join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of current events, new releases, and exhibition invitations. Thank you. Made without equal HANDMADE IN THE USA SINCE 1988


SHOWROOM Our showroom is thoughtfully designed to provide an elegant and productive environment for client viewings, design meetings, presentations, and gatherings. Please contact us to arrange a visit. An appointment is required. Made without equal HANDMADE IN THE USA SINCE 1988

Design Process

DESIGN PROCESS We create furniture as perfect in its execution as it is a joy to experience, providing our patrons with a lifetime of pleasure and appreciation. We both conceive extraordinary original concepts and collaborate with others to realize even the most ambitious designs. We are capable of analyzing the most complex forms and engineering […]


ART MADE FOR LIFE Our art isn’t intended to be appreciated from a distance—it is conceived to fit perfectly and joyfully into the lives of our patrons. Pollaro furniture elevates every moment spent in its company, as our patrons across the globe will attest. We pay meticulous attention to the context and intended use of […]

Outdoor Living

AT ONE WITH THE ELEMENTS Our outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the harshest natural elements, while providing a lifetime of perfect service. We create our outdoor pieces in some of the most resilient materials available—teak, mahogany, titanium and stainless steel. The result is furniture that allows enjoyment of the outdoors in perfect comfort. Our […]


ART TO DELIGHT THE MOST DISCERNING COLLECTOR Our approach to re-creating an antique is straightforward: we adhere to original design drawings; we search for the same materials, many purchased from the same sources as the original makers; and lastly, we create with the soul of the original master in mind. We are inspired by the […]


A MEETING OF MINDS Pollaro collaborates with some of the most globally recognized talent in the fields of design, art, entertainment and music. The fruit of these partnerships combines our art with inspiration drawn from the most diverse disciplines. We are passionate about fusing our unique ethos and values with those who we feel are […]

Art Case Pianos

MADE FOR THE FINEST MAKERS Pollaro has designed and built more art-case pianos than any firm in history. These extraordinary creations are masterpieces of functional art, fusing both the artistic vision of Pollaro and the virtuosity of the piano maker. The result is the finest expression of art, sound and craftsmanship. Pollaro has designed and […]


ELEVATING THE ART OF YACHTING Some of the most extraordinary art we’ve created is found aboard the very finest superyachts ever built. We work to realize the vision of the world’s finest designers, in addition to working closely with the most prestigious yacht builders to match the level of artistry that’s put into every aspect […]