Wood is a natural material and you can never be entirely consistent, but the sunburst patterns they achieved in the poker tables are unbelievable.

Sander Sinot,
Sinot Yacht Design

Our selection of materials is unsurpassed anywhere in the field. We believe that a project can be elevated to a masterpiece solely by the care taken in selecting the materials at the start of the project.

We begin with the highest grade lumber, veneer, finishes, and handmade hardware. We will stop at nothing to view the raw materials before we buy them. We go to great lengths to seek out the finest and rarest veneers available anywhere in the world. Our network of veneer suppliers includes many companies that have been in business for more than 100 years. Frank Pollaro hand selects every veneer log we purchase and it is not uncommon for us to reject 20 to 30 different logs of veneer before we find one that we feel is up to our quality standards. Each log is viewed in its entirety to insure quality throughout the entire flitch. This sometimes involves flying halfway around the world just to see a flitch for a special project.

Our finishes start with the most up to date chemicals that are available. To these finishes we add our expertise with application and rubbing techniques to give you the very finest piece of furniture that can be made.

In addition to the fine woods and finishes that we employ, we also select or make by hand, the finest hardware. Our hardware is very carefully researched, designed and specified. We have unique hardware suppliers all over the world. We also rely on local machinists and metal craftsmen for custom hardware specifications. We also design and make much of our own solid ivory hardware. Each piece is designed to compliment the furniture. All of our ivory is derived from legal sources which are either 100 years or older, or are bleached wooly mammoth ivory over 10,000 years in age. Pictured here are some of our custom metal and ivory hardware.

Additionally, we have a large collection of antique veneer that we aggressively purchase from various private sources in the USA, France, Germany and Canada. Some of our veneer was cut as long ago as 1910. A few of the antique veneers we have in stock are Brazilian Rosewood, Ceylon satinwood crotch, walnut crotch, and various burls (see Wood Samples). With some care and delicate handling, the oldest veneer can be brought to life. This is very important because some of these species are no longer being cut.

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