Wood is a natural material and you can never be entirely consistent, but the sunburst patters they achieved in the poker tables are unbelievable.

Sander Sinot,
Sinot Yacht Design

VeneeringDan_375x550The craft of veneering has been in existence since 2700 BC. Egytian hieroglyphics have been discovered depicting men cutting very thin pieces of wood veneer and applying it to a substrate using rocks to hold the veneer in place while the glue dried.

Upon close examination it has been learned that much early furniture was veneered with valuable woods such as ebony and rosewood, and inlaid with other rare materials such as ivory and gold. VeneeringKing Tut’s chair was very finely veneered in ebony!

Our veneering techniques are the most highly respected in the field of woodworking. So much in fact that many other shops from all over the nation call upon us to do custom veneer work for their projects. We are also employed as consultants by several architects and designers to assist in the proper selection and layout of fine veneers.


Pictured is a sample of our veneer work on the cover of Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Our experience in veneer work is extensive. Some of the more difficult areas have been veneering compound curves, as well as shapes that seem to be impossible, such as extremely small radii and even spherical shapes.


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