Special Finishes

The table is absolutely gorgeous. It is always a pleasure to work with your firm. Everything is perfect.

Leslie Jones

SpecialFinishPageTopWe are versed in all areas of special finishes. Depending on the project, we will employ any number of finishes including shellac, phenolic varnish, wax, and traditional French polish. Additionally, we provide gold gilding in both oil and water gilding, faux gold, silver, and bronze gilding, and an infinite combination of stains and tones.

All of our finishes are carefully selected to provide the best combination of characteristics that each individual piece of furniture demands. Table tops are finished with special varnishes that combine scratch resistance with chemical resistance and best of all beauty. In fact, 100 proof vodka spilled on the table will have no effect on the finish. Such is also true for orange juice, red wine, tomato sauce, and other common household spills.

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