Frank is a craftsman of the old school who takes great pride in his work.

Charles Gwathmey,
Gwathmey Siegel & Associates

CarvingPageTopCarving wood requires the highest level of hand skill. In addition to an implicit understanding of wood grains and their inherent characteristics, the wood carver must also possess an ability to bring his carving tools to razor sharpness. Only the sharpest tools will render the carving crisp and detailed. We produce the finest wood carvings by cultivating relationships with the best artistic woodcarvers that are alive today.

Our wood carvers employ only traditional hand carving techniques using many different gouges, knives, and chisels to achieve their fine work. In fact, many of the tools used are handmade by the carver himself. Making a tool from scratch allows the carver to fashion the steel edge to make the exact type of cut he desires as well as giving him complete control of the creation of the tool handle which will fit comfortably into his hand. This is important as a single carving may require several hundred hours to complete.

Together, with the wood carver, we collaborate to provide the client with an endless realm of possibilities. We can completely create from scratch, any carving particular to any style or period desired, including original designs. We have also created “waste” carvings to be used for the casting of metals or composition materials (see Castings). Some of the carvings we have done include legs on furniture, table edges, handles, columns, and decorative moldings.

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