Every piece of furniture that you have made for our 2nd Floor at Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue store is a real jewel. How fortunate we were to meet and work with you.

Robert Rufino,
Vice President, Tiffany & Co.

SpecialtiesOur capabilities with regard to complex areas of furniture making are limitless. Frequently, our clients will call us because they are looking for a technique or material that cannot be found anywhere else. Essentially, we do everything the old fashioned way, by hand.

Many rare materials such as shagreen or galuchat (stingray skin), goatskin parchment, sheepskin vellum, and other leathers demand specialized procedures that are not necessarily typical in other areas of our craft. Pollaro uses only certified hides and legal antique ivory, and bleached wooly mammoth ivory. We pride ourselves on bringing the highest standards of craftsmanship to every material that is suitable for use in our field. We maintain an elaborate library of books that contain information on little known techniques. We also stay in close touch with the Department heads of several museums where we can obtain answers to questions regarding the historical methods which were employed in various areas of our craft.

Much like Thomas Edison’s original laboratories, we maintain just about every material that was ever used in the production of furniture on our shelves at all times. Our inventory of rare materials is matchless. See our Brazilian Rosewood.

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