Fine Tools & Machinery

In the workshop, organized along the same lines as Ruhlmann’s own, works in progress sit like butterflies in their chrysalises; here, at a small worktable, brass feet are being handmade one at a time, each as pure in form as a Brancusi.

Jack Forster,
Forbes Life

IMG_3157_800x1200A variety of hand and power tools are required to produce a fine piece of furniture. These are just some of the fine tools that are used to create our furniture. Some of them are new, some of them are used, and some of them are hand made. As tools wear from use, they become more familiar and more comfortable in the hand each time they are picked up.IMG_3133_1200x800

It is a joy to use tools and machines that were owned and used by other past craftsmen. It reminds us of the people who held these tools in their hands and used them. Antique tools seem to possess a certain energy that makes them fun and interesting to use.

In addition to hand tools, we employ a superior stable of machine tools, most produced in America by the Oliver Machinery Company between the years of 1897 and 1982. These machines are some ten times heavier in weight than comparably designed American machines built today. These machines perform today as perfectly as they did the day they were built, regardless of their vintage.


We are stringent in our selection of modern machinery. Our modern machines were built in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The standards of these machines, such as our newest Martin German sliding table saw, are the finest in the world. This saw offers uncompromising accuracy and superior cutting results.

We believe that our tools are as good as our craftsmen and we take great pride in the care and maintenance of our machinery. Accurate machinery makes every cut cleaner and every joint tighter. It is a pleasure to work on a machine that is well built.


IMG_3120_1200x800The safe operation of machinery requires concentration; we have an excellent safety record. All of our team members are required to wear appropriate eye and ear protection as well as respirators for wood dust.


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