Furniture Care

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Furniture Care

All Pollaro furniture has been hand finished with special coatings that are on the cutting edge of industrial coating technology.

This coating is an envelope type finish which is designed to inhibit the passage of ambient moisture from reaching the wood.  This means that any break, chip, or incision through the finish will destroy the integrity of the finish.  In the event of any of the above please contact Pollaro to arrange for appropriate measures.

Our finishes are resistant to abrasions and stains of all types including alcohol (wine, beer, and hard liquor), citrus juices, tomato sauce, and most common household chemicals.  Exposure to high temperatures such as from direct contact with a hot pot, coffee cup or iron should be avoided.

Because of the high quality of our finishes, very little maintenance is needed or recommended.  The furniture may be cleaned as often as you like with a soft, clean cotton cloth made slightly damp with purified water.  No waxes or polishes are needed as the luster of the finish is derived from many steps of hand polishing or rubbing.  Avoid spray-on furniture polishes.  Avoid silicone polishes.  Oils found in these types of polishes generally attract dust, and once applied, they make it more difficult to keep the furniture dust-free.

Below are some basic tips for keeping the furniture in pristine condition:

Take care to protect the finish from scratches.  If objects are to be placed on top of the finishes, they should be protected by a felt pad between the object and the finish.

  • Normal scuffs or wear that happen over time can usually be polished out restoring the original luster of your furniture.
  • Protect wood from prolonged sun exposure, which can cause long-term damage.
  • Maintain relative humidity within the range of 25% – 55%
  • Maintain temperature within 60° – 80° F.
  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators, heating vents or fireplaces.
  • Avoid placing plastic or rubber materials such as lamp bases or place mats on your furniture, as certain plastics contain ingredients that may damage the finish.

Pollaro only uses top quality leather goods for upholstery.  The leathers are aniline dyed.  Dyed leathers will show scratches and scuffs.  These scratches and scuffs are part of the natural patina of the leather and are not considered defects or damage.  Dyed leathers will accept stains from most household chemicals.  The care of leather requires the user to keep the leather clean.  The leather may be cleaned with a slightly damp cotton cloth.  Once annually, a leather conditioner may be used to maintain the supple feel of the leather.  The directions provided by the manufacturer of the leather conditioner should be strictly adhered to.  The client should apply the conditioner to a small unseen area to check that the conditioner is compatible with the leather prior to applying to the entire piece.

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