The yacht furniture is spectacular. Everyone loved the pieces … all of them. I could not be happier.

Larry Ellison,
Chairman, Oracle

AD36A_350wAn initial consultation at our office is usually the first step. At this time, the general design and function of a piece may be discussed. A good idea is to keep a scrapbook of designs that you like. A picture is worth a thousand words. Start a folder and tear out any magazine pages that catch your eye, whether it is a color, a style, a table leg, a type of wood, etc. These photos will help us get a better idea of what appeals to you.

Once a design concept is agreed upon, Pollaro will begin conceptual drawings. These will usually consist of single page CAD drawings that will be submitted for your approval within three weeks of the initial consultation. When the conceptual design is approved, we will present a price and a contract document. At the time a contract is signed, we will establish an estimated delivery date.

The first stage of production begins with shop drawings and sample preparation. Shop drawings and samples generally require about four to six weeks to produce. When the shop drawings and samples receive your signed approval, we can enter the project into the production sequence.

The cabinetmaking phase involves a tremendous amount of hand work. During assembly, it is not uncommon for us to ask you to visit, to look at certain areas of the project to ensure that they are meeting your expectations. If a visit is not practical, we can update you by e-mailing digital photos.

When the project is completely assembled, we will ask you to visit and give your final approval prior to the finishing of the piece.

The finishing process is painstaking, sometimes involving as much work as the entire cabinetmaking process. When the piece is completed, you are asked to visit the shop to view it prior to delivery. Final payment is due at this time.

The total amount of time for all production phases is usually between 4 and 6 months. Sometimes it can be shorter or longer. For a more detailed look at this process, take the Shop Tour.

Our payment terms are sixty percent at the time the contract is signed, thirty percent prior to the application of finish, and ten percent upon completion.

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