Wood Samples

I am obsessively bent on quality – to an unhealthy degree. It was this obsession that introduced me to Frank Pollaro, who embodies the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail.

Brad Pitt,
Actor & Producer.

The colors, grain patterns and textures of wood species are limitless. Mother Nature has provided us a unique material in wood that has no substitute. Different wood species can affect the palate, balance and general mood of an interior. When possible, we will always steer a client toward natural, clear wood finishes that allow the beauty of the wood to express itself. Below is a selection of natural finished wood veneer samples. Each of these samples were sanded and finished with clear, natural varnish. No stains or dyes have been used.

Also pictured here is a rare Brazilian rosewood sample. To read more about this endangered and protected material, see Brazilian rosewood.

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