Frank Pollaro is one of the finest woodworking craftsmen living today….

Dana Messina,
Chief Executive Officer, Steinway Musical Instruments

Every Pollaro project is special.  It’s the nature of our work.  Of course a few of the pieces we produce in our workshop are truly awe inspiring.  One of those is the recent commission from Steinway & Sons to design and build the art case for the 600,000th piano in Steinway’s storied history.  A collaboration of two companies at the pinnacle of their craft, creating a once in a lifetime work of art.  Because it’s a Steinway, the 600,000th piano is a superb musical instrument.  Because it’s a Pollaro, it is a masterwork of furniture making.

In 1996, the Steinway & Sons Company, builders of the finest pianos in the world, invited us to design an Art Case Piano. Upon accepting their invitation to build a commission piano, we became one of approximately 12 outside firms to participate in this specialized and rarefied area of production, since 1877.

Since 1996, our relationship with Steinway has grown to include the creation of four different original Art Case designs. The first piano was an Art Deco design that can now be seen and heard in the Petrossian Lounge at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This piano was awarded a United States Design Patent.

Based on the success of the Art Deco Piano, Steinway commissioned a second design to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of George Gershwin; a “Rhapsody in Blue”. Subsequently, twelve more of the Rhapsody pianos have been made to date.

Steinway gave us total creative control over our third piano, “Diamonds in Satin”; a study in geometry executed solely in Ceylon Satinwood.

Our latest design commemorates the life of pianist Roger Williams, entitled “Autumn Leaves”. This piano employs classical marquetry techniques.

In all we have created 16 Art Case pianos for Steinway, more than any other firm in history. We are capable of designing an Art Case Piano to complement any interior environment. Please contact us to discuss a unique design for your piano.

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