Board of Directors

Everything you do is just exquisite. I look forward to your next masterpiece.

David Geffen

Frank Pollaro, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Frank was raised in New Jersey and founded Pollaro Custom Furniture in 1988. A master craftsman, Frank is responsible for the creative design direction and oversite of all craftsmen, wood selection, and production methods. He manages the daily operations and provides direction on Company strategy.

Stephen R. Beck, Director & Secretary – Steve was raised in New Jersey and joined Pollaro’s board in 1996. Steve earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from Stanford. He joined Pollaro after retiring from an environmental services company he founded which achieved over $200 million in sales with 2000 employees. He provides financial, management, and strategic consulting. Steve enjoys cooking, collecting wines, and gardening.

Joseph Atencio, Director – Joe was raised in Los Angeles, the son of a Disney animator, and joined Pollaro’s board in 2016. Joe earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. A retired CEO, he has spent over 20 years focused on high-end consumer products manufacturing. He provides oversite in the areas of project management, manufacturing efficiencies, finance, and brand strategy.

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